SMT Tooling

Dedicated tooling provides the optimum PCB support during the printing process. There is no other PCB support tooling that can provide the same level of performance as dedicated tooling. We can generate tooling designs directly from customer gerber data and apply directly to our CNC machining process. We utilize the latest automation design tools allowing us to achieve industry leading turnaround times.

Our designers and applications engineers are among the most experienced in the industry, each of Rapid Tooling’s Sr. Designers have over 15 years experience designing screen print tooling for both contract manufacturers and OEMs. We have streamlined the design process of vacuum fixture and H-Towers; enabling the industry’s fastest delivery. Rapid’s vacuum fixtures are designed to not allow vacuum where there are apertures, insuring no solder paste bleed to the backside of the PCB. Using our Vacuum Fixtures, the PCB is held flat through the printing process, improving pad coverage and uniform snap-off. Using dedicated fixture saves money and is more cost effective than universal tooling especially on dual pass PCBs. We partner closely with the major equipment manufacturers to insure machine compatibility and tolerances are met. We work proactively with our customers to optimize designs resulting in cost savings and end of line yield improvements.