Since 1994 Rapid Tooling Inc. has been providing quality design, engineering and manufacturing services to the local DFW area. Over the years we have evolved into the number one source for manufacturing and product development needs with customers worldwide.

Rapid Tooling is a combined CNC machine shop/design and prototyping center and we specialize in design and tooling for manufacturing. With 11 CNC machining and lathe centers staffed around the clock, we can provide quality product to our customers when needed. Depending on factors such as scope of project, materials availability or finish requirements, same day to 24-48 hour turn times can be achieved in many instances. In addition, Rapid Tooling can manage short run, quick turn sheet metal requirements.

Our staff of engineers and designers can offer support in many areas such as mechanical design, manufacturing and assembly. We can machine parts from your existing drawings, or, if you have a basic design and would like development assistance we can help to enhance manufacturability or lower production costs.

We are conveniently located near FEDEX and DHL facilities enabling shipping as late as 10:00 PM CT for next morning delivery within the United States. We also frequently ship to customers worldwide.

Many CNC capable, ISO registered machine shops focus only on volume machining and avoid short runs and the costly setups associated with them. While able to facilitate volume runs, Rapid Tooling chooses to focus on quick turn/low to medium volume manufacturing. Our processes utilize the latest CAD/CAM automation software enabling our designers move from concept to manufacturing in a very short time frame. If you are in product development, we can assist in manufacturing functional mock-ups in a variety of metals and/or plastics. When required, Rapid Tooling designers can provide three dimensional drawings with the necessary viewers. We can prototype many parts that will ultimately be die cast or injection molded, allowing the designs to be evaluated before costly investment on molds. Complex contours and thin features are not a problem for our state-of-the-art software and machining capabilities. We can coordinate all of the requirements of your project including: design support, component procurement, machining, coating, silkscreen, wiring and assembly. We are a “One Stop Shop” for all of your manufacturing needs!